Ostomy Gallery is a way to raise awareness and educate people about ostomys, using the bags as a ‘canvas’ and a way of expressing things artistically whilst also drawing attention to the vast amount of people, of all ages, whos lives have been saved by ostomy surgery.

As an Art Director and a graduate of The University of the Arts London I am passionate about using space as a form of expression. I was always trying to find unconventional ways to express myself and explore different ways of doing so. So after undergoing a total colectomy and ending up with an ileostomy bag, I looked down at my stomach and I saw a canvas.

From here, grew the idea of Ostomy Gallery, a medium in which I use people and their life saving bags as the canvas’ for fleeting artistic expression. Celebrating and embracing this life saving surgery and removing its stigma once and for all.

To find out more about my day to day life and other creative projects, visit my other blog Entwined Minds


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