A rough night

So it’s the first day of me properly writing on this blog in its new form and things have already turned a little dramatic. But thankfully have been resolved…

Yesterday I was feeling particularly awful all day and couldn’t stand up for very long and was having a fair amount of muscle spasms/ migraines, hence me being in bed all day. Then, at around 9pm at night, I realised my legs couldn’t move.

This was quite a shock and of course made me panic, the feeling is awful. My head kept telling me they could move, I’d try to and no response. Getting no response from your own body part sends fear running through your veins and it’s very hard not to panic.

My mum, who I’m living with at the moment whilst I’m recovering, decided I needed to get to hospital and since I couldn’t walk, we had to get an ambulance. I’ve been in an ambulance quite a few times, for severe flare ups and when my body spasms first started. This time was a lot different because although I was scared I wasn’t feeling as ill as I had been when I was in an ambulance before. I just needed some way to get to hospital and my parents sure as hell wouldn’t have been able to lift me into the car…

When I got to hospital they did my bloods, gave me iv paracetamol as my legs hadn’t gone numb but had done just the opposite and were extremely painful. After about 5 hours in a&e they concluded it was a hemiplegic migraine as my feeling slowly but surely started to come back.

I had experienced these migraines before and have been told by a neurologist its to do with the high amounts of inflammation in my body. Which I thought we had gotten rid of in the last operation. But apparently it has all returned.

So I’m looking in to how to calm these migraines down and hopefully begin to feel a lot better. I’m taking ibuprofen, one thing I have been scared of doing as its a big no no with ulcerative colitis. However my surgeon assures me now my colon is gone it is safe. 

I’m going to go to see my GP on Wednesday in London and hopefully they can prescribe me with something that will stop all these weird symptoms. The body shakes. The migraines. The hemiplegia. That would be nice!

So at the moment I’m waking up and taking paracetamol, ibprufen and an anti histamine. All of which I want an alternative to so that’ll be an interesting trip to the pharmacy…

I feel that although last night was horrendous, embarrassing and scary, it was helpful in finding what I need to do to get better. These migraines might be causing more issues than I’m assuming.

Accomplishments today so far:

1: found a new medication regime that may help

2: woke up earlier than normal

3: I’m feeling slightly better than I normally do


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